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arcol.bg with a new look

We had not changed anything in the look of Arcol's products and their presentation on the Internet for a ling time. We decided to start by updating the information on our website and coupled that with a completely new and fresh design. We would like to present to you the updated vision of our website. […]

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Arcol without borders

We are pleased to inform you that Arcol silver water is now officially sold outside Bulgaria. And not just anywhere, but in the beautiful Canary Islands, Spain. We are happy to have found a reliable partner who, with great desire and enthusiasm, undertook the presentation, promotion and sale of our silver water in the Canary […]

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7 hours virus protection

Silver water is a natural disinfectant, says expert Dimcho Tzanov Lately, my thoughts have been constantly focused on what I touched last, whether I unknowingly touched my eyes, nose or mouth. I wash and disinfect my hands a hundred times a day. And the most visible result of this is my dry and cracked skin. […]

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