7 hours virus protection

May 20, 2020

Silver water is a natural disinfectant, says expert Dimcho Tzanov

Lately, my thoughts have been constantly focused on what I touched last, whether I unknowingly touched my eyes, nose or mouth. I wash and disinfect my hands a hundred times a day. And the most visible result of this is my dry and cracked skin. Alcohol kills bacteria on surfaces, but it evaporates in just 15 seconds, and the next time we touch something, we are at risk again. At the same time, silver water not only destroys all pathogens, but also creates a protective film that lasts 7 hours!
We talk about the healing properties of silver water and how to use it to Dimcho Tsanov from "AD - Alexandra ”EOOD- specialist in occupational medicine.

The miraculous properties of silver water have been known to mankind since the time of the Romans and ancient Greeks. The ancient Greeks put silver in their water to purify it and protect it from more serious infections. Rulers always ate with silver utensils, religious objects often involved silver objects and so on to this day. Even Hippocrates, the "father of medicine", described in his scientific notes the healing properties of silver in the treatment of inflammation and wounds.

The expression "born with a silver spoon in his mouth" dates back to the Middle Ages, when wealthy people gave this object to their children or godchildren because they knew that it had purifying and healing properties. With the advent of modern times, silver is becoming more common in medicine and doctors are beginning to use it to treat potential postpartum infections, skin diseases, burns and syphilis. Today, even NASA takes advantage of the properties of this natural element to purify the water of the International Space Station.

A powerful disinfectant

Silver destroys all pathogenic microorganisms - viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds. You just need to dilute the silver water according to the concentration and the manufacturer's instructions and your powerful disinfectant is ready! In addition to being a cleanser, this product can be used as a skin disinfectant. Several sprinkles in the eyes, nose and mouth and protection against invasive viruses is guaranteed. What's more, silver water absorbs into the skin and forms a thin film that protects for 7 hours!

So in the morning, before you leave home for work or just to go to the store, you do not need gloves or disinfectant, you just need to spray yourself. Just think about all the dirt on our phones and computers, which we constantly put on different surfaces, touch constantly, and often even put next to our faces. What's the point of washing our hands or using a disinfectant if we touch our dirty phone right after? If we use silver water, it gives us some 7 hours in which we can be sure that there are no harmful pathogens on the surface.

Everyday use

And what about the food we eat – do we know who has touched it before that? А какво да кажем за храната, която ядем - знаем ли кой я е пипал преди това? Yes, some have started washing fruits and vegetables with detergents, but are they any less harmful? And silver water is a product that penetrates and purifies food beyond the surface. It can be used to disinfect any food: not only fruits and vegetables, but also meat and fish, thus extending their shelf life. And one more tip from us - you can add this miraculous liquid to your laundry instead of fabric softener.

The effect is stunning – full desinfection, which lasts up to three days. And with the recent news of COVID-19-infected cats, this is an easy way to protect your pets. You just spray their muzzles and paws and don't worry about a thing.

Medicinal properties

Silver water has been shown to stop more than 500 types of pathogens - including streptococci and staphylococci, which people fight with antibiotics. Impressively, not only does it not cause resistance, but is also effective against bacteria that do not respond to antibiotics. Its action is explained by the fact that it penetrates rapidly into cells and blocks bacterial enzymes.

Silver water can also be used to soothe water poisoning, angina and other sore throats, colds and fevers, skin burns, ulcers and intestinal diseases, to prevent internal diseases. In this case, drink a little silver water with a large dilution, which is the subject of another article.
It is important to use silver water products with caution, always reading the label and product information before use.

Source: spisanie8.bg